Today has been a very, very good day.

Today I gave my speech on sharing positive thoughts and I have to admit I was so nervous about it. This was my final speech for this class, and one that meant the most to me so it was very important to me that I do my best. I could hardly sleep last night! But I am so happy to say that it was everything that I’d hoped it would be and everyone seemed to love it. I wrote a poem for my fellow speech classmates and got up there and read it to them with flair and with grace. They seemed surprised and happy and grateful. For the poem, for the speech, for me.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt and how incredibly beyond thankful I am.  I’ll share the poem with you soon so that you may enjoy it too. I’m very proud of it. I don’t write poems a whole lot anymore and it seems that nowdays I have to be very inspired inside to do it. That’s something that makes me sad inside as a writer and I hope to change that.  At any rate…this class inspired me in so many ways and I will ALWAYS ALWAYS remember it and be so thankful to have gotten to be a part of it.  So the theme for today is being THANKFUL because that is what my heart feels more than anything right this very moment, and I bet if you think about it you all have something or someone that you can give thanks for tonight. Pleasant Dreams until we meet again~

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Something to ponder…


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. WITH OUR THOUGHTS, WE MAKE THE WORLD

                                    Guatama Siddharta (Budhha)

Let us all choose to think productive good thoughts today and to make the world as we would see it.  Let us be kind to eachother, hug our friends, embrace our loved ones and greet one another with a smile. I wish you all a truly beautiful day~

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Every good thing has to begin somewhere…and so here we are.

I’ve been inspired to start this blog by an assignment in my speech 111 class at college. I’m doing a persuasive speech on “The importance of sharing positive thoughts” and in researching the web for stories, eg. I found very little actually on the subject. I found plenty on random acts of kindness, pay it forwards and the like but nothing exactly on just trying to see the good in others and sharing those thoughts with them. I decided why not let it start with me? Why not blaze the trail and be the one to start something? I want to create a place of optimism, hope and one of positivity; It’s important to root for your fellow man, to be their fan, to pay attention to what they may be lacking, to take the time, to be the one to say the good thing,  to compliment, to inspire, to encourage, to acknowledge, to spread joy and to show love. I believe in this strongly and I strive daily to connect myself with others and to share every good thought I have, be it with a stranger, a friend, a loved doesn’t matter. This blog will be a way to express that and to share it with others. If you didn’t come here with a smile on your face or a song in your heart, consider yourself forewarned and be prepared to perhaps leave with one. I look forward to this journey, this is the first step and I welcome you all ~

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